Madness! And Sadness!

Madness is NOT a communicable disease.
As is WuFlu, or Mumps, or Measles, or even AIDs.
Madness is just genetic.
(I am hoping)
And therefore, may be cured.

Vain fantasy.
Who am I kidding?
Madness is inescapable.
It cuts to the quick.
To the core.
It is ALWAYS with…
For fucking ever.
No cure.
For sure.
No Nada.
Good Luck Cowboy

William, I Am, Shakespeare has ‘Madness’ running all around his drama.
R&J (lesser, but it is there)
And on and on.
More of this later…promise)

To quote King Lear:
“Oh God! Please let me be not mad!”

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4 thoughts on “Madness! And Sadness!

  1. Dearest Old Blogging Friend
    (I still subscribe to your blog–get your posts in my in, every day–sometimes I even read them),
    “What will I write About Next?”
    I await, baited breath.
    my usage is correct.
    Your interpretation is misguided.
    I am NOT angry.
    I am crazy.
    Subtle difference?
    But the truth is in the sauce.

  2. House of Heart! I went to your blog… no way to comment or even ‘like’ guess you do not need accolades…but still, I wanted to say something to you. Something stupid. Guess it will keep.

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