Escape From Memphis—Chapter Six

There are some missing Chapters.
But writing, not unlike life, is not linear.
(Is that a word?—linear?)
I mustered up some courage and some sobriety, and that is a very narrow window to dive through.
Managed to go to the ‘Commerce Rent-A-Shed’ and retrieve half of my shit.
(I had dreamed about this the night before)
Had it all planned out…
NE-Way, I did it, next day

Truthfully, within three hours–sleep and I have issues of late.

Sleep to me now is akin to death–we do not get along.
Damn near to kilt me.

BP off the chart.
But before I came home, I stopped off at Wal*Mart and purchased some more…
Drum roll…
All be good in my neighborhood.
Got home.
Off-loaded my shit,
Got drunker than I already was…
(Now, mind you, I did NOT drive to Wal*Mart drunk, I was ‘mildly intoxicated,’ big diff.
Only an alcoholic would know the substantial difference.
Got ‘Home’, off-loaded my shit.
Three or six days later…
It, my shit, surrounds me, mocking.
Boxes and boxes of my life.
Waiting to be ‘unboxed.’
I am a busy man, and cannot be bothered.
Perhaps tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Escape From Memphis—Chapter Six

  1. I escaped Memphis.
    And Ohio once. Won’t ever live E of Mississippi River again.
    When I was doing the KNON gig we used to debate which Willie album was the “official start” of his Austin scene. Some say Phases & Stages. I say Shotgun Willie. Both are epic. Saw Willie and David Allen Coe at the ETSU gym in mid 70’s. With bottles of mint vodka stuffed in my boots and smuggled in (did I really drink that stuff?!)

  2. I hope you can find it. I think you would enjoy the story and the music. It was filmed in New Mexico, Texas, and California. I’m enjoying your story Lance! Thank you

  3. Did you ever see Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart? Your story is reminding me of his great performance and the awesome soundtrack.

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