Redemption Song

May we discuss ‘redemption?’
Of course we can.
This is MY post.
As both of y’all know, I am an atheist.
That is really beside the pint.
I have a soul
And it is soulful
I just do not believe in God.
Or the Giant Spaghetti Monster In The Sky
At some point, I learned to read.
My bad
However comma
I do possess morals.
I know right from wrong, (or wong—or Wu-Flu—Ok, that is probably racist)
Do not CARE!
Moving on…
Things are fucked up in ‘Murica’ right now.
I am not sure we can fix us, the U. S. of Us.
We are broken.
I have never feared for my country more than now.
What to do?
I have no clue.
Guess we will just have to ride this one out.

For now.

Take Good Care.
Stay Strong.
Carry On
Peace Be With You
(Okay; I am fresh outta clichés)

You feel me?
Peace and Happiness.
We will survive this.

Is a promise.

Or Perhaps

A Premise.

Not sure I know anymore.

The difference.

No matter.

I am weeping for what is left of my Country right now,

But I am on the back nine of life, so I will not be around to witness Her Demise.

I suppose that is some happy, not fake, news.

Lance Out
Thank You.
Drive Through.


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