New Mindless, Stupid Post. I suppose It Don’t Matter Anymore.

Perhaps I will re-visit and edit it later.

Or not.

At this late point, don’t matter none.

“What-the-fuck ever Lance.”

“Get on wid it’

(best Peanut Quote I could muster)

For Fuck sake!”

“Okay! Okay! Relax!”

(‘You do realize I  am mentally impaired?”)

“Never noticed.”

“Okay, may we move on? I have a very brief story I’d like to tell.”

‘Make it brief Asshole! Very fucking Brief!”

“OK, just give me a moment to ‘warm up.’

‘Fuck you. You are boring me now…”

“STFU! Can I never catch a break?”

“No, not from me.”

“Well Thanks, and no tanks, Drive Through.”

Here is that much-awaited story, but I do fear, I buried the lead.

I’m gonna step out on a limb here…
Alcoholics fondly refer to this as a “brief moment of clarity.”
I prefer to reference it as an ‘epiphany.’
That is just me.
However you spell it, or say it, the end result remains
I am a pompous ass.
Never got over that.
Never will.
No chance at redemption.
I cannot apologize for what I’ve done…
But I sure as fuck can prevent what is to come.
(At least from my perspective anyway)
I do love my life
(I’d like to keep it going on–just for the few more beers)
But, rumors aside:
I ain’t stupid.
Time is a commodity that is finite.
(I am so self-aware)
No one cares…
Fuck it!
Listen to the SONG!

There is no greater love than that love and bare, and hold and  I harbor for Linda.

Nothing else to say on this topic.




Never mind

I guess it doesn’t  matter matter anymore…






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