Madness And Sadness And Gladness, (and Sorrowful Joy)

Took Me A Day And A Half,
But I have finally finished watching
“The Dresser” (for the 20th time)
(I don’t like to rush things)
“Slow down; don’t move too fast. Gotta make the mourning last”
“The Dresser” is perhaps one of the best Shakespearean films of all time.
I always find me crying at the end.
(spoiler alert!)
Watch it!
If you wish to be emotionally moved.
To Tears.
And Fears
Of Madness
And joy
And… enlightenment
Nothing left to say
Watch it
You won’t regret
Trust me
I’m bona fide

“We’re not dead, are we?”

(The final scene never fails to break my heart)

And I love to experience such emotion.

It is a Uniquely Human Thing:



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