There’s a Gnat In My Beer

There is not a way I am gonna try to explain everything that is ‘going on’ in this photograph.

Suffice to say, it is just my attempt to ‘photo-document’ the gnats what are trying to steal my wine.

Yes, I realize they won’t drink much, but damnit!

They can buy their own wine.

And I could possible stab them, or ‘Raid’ Them.

But I won’t.

Because I do not wish to poison me over some Booze-Stealing gnats.

Certainly not interested in stabbing me.

I guess we will all just get drunk together.

The more the merrier. (I suppose.)

No! I do not suppose!

I tried to point out to / remind the gnats:

“I drink alone. Find some other place to steal wine.”

(Of course they ignored me and continued stealing droplets of my booze.)


Can’t fight ’em.

Can’t fuck ’em.

 Impossible to kill them all.

8 thoughts on “There’s a Gnat In My Beer

  1. You know the damn flies came from no-where. When the food was cooking. When you were hungry. Pissed you off. I don’t miss those days and those places.

  2. I was in the Iraq desert once. A million flies and you could not eat. Pissed me off. Now, messing with a man’s beer. That a sin. Great tale my friend.

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