FaceBork and Word Suppressed

More News From the Front Lines of the Facebook/WordPress War


This is Lance, convo’ing with Facebork and Word – Suppressed: “Customer Service”

Hey Facebook and WordPress!

Screw Both of YOU!

Or perhaps you could screw each other. I would PAY real money to watch that

PEEP-at-a-Geek Shit-Show.

Here is an edit (Don’t Do it Lance!)

“Sorry, Have to. Must do.”For anyone who gives a fuck:

“Lance, why did you call WordPress ‘Word Suppressed?'”

Because they refused to let me post a post with the tagline ‘suicide’ in it. I guess even WP can get triggered. If I did not have so much shit stored there I would cast them to the curb. But alas. Just one more bad marriage I cannot extricate me from.

Damn it! Janet!

Only JOhnny Whitley will catch the joke.Or perhaps the other two of you who actually “READ” my blog.

If you are “Curious” about my relationship with my “First” Wife, look in the “Comments” section; I have been benevolent enuff to drop a link. Beginning with the ending. There are links to all the bits if you give-a-shit.You’re welcome.

And P.S. For anyone ‘offended’ or ‘triggered’ by my foul language: I ain’t in the running for “Sainthood” and if nominated, I won’t run. If elected, I won’t serve. So, If I offend you, don’t read.

Got that?


More Facebook stupid shit I have posted:

“Step RIGHT UP!”(or step the fuck off–This Is DIRECTED AT FB and WP, NO ONE ELSE)“Don’t be caught with your drawers down.”“You can drive it away today.”“Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations!”

“Get away from me Kid; you BOTHER ME!”

“Volume, Volume! Turn up the VOLUME!”

–Tom Waits for No Man! Waits.

Always choose the REAL DEAL!

Lance Marcom is THE REAL DEAL.


And him.

I give you my fucking money. (WP)

I expect added value for that.


More stupid FaceBork Shit

(I seem to be on a roll)

More stupid shit I have put on my blog:

(While I wait for my Muse to forgive me for being an asshole.)

“Hey Lance! Are you trying to be ‘edgy?” asked MS Muse.

“Fuck you! I have always been ‘edgy’–go back to your corner and sit there until I get tired of being tired and pissed off.”

(First time I have ever raised my voice at Her–pretty certain I will regret this sudden outburst–but OH What the Hell Right?–you pay your money; you take your chances.)

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