Abusive Muse (Fuck it–I forgot what Chapter This Was Supposed To Be…)

Video Credit: Disturbed

When I try to sleep I turn the volume on CNN.

Because I cannot sleep in the Sound of Silence.

I need White Noise.

CNN always delivers.

But tonight Fredo Cuomo is just too stupid to be stupid.

He Has reached new levels and depths of stupid.

Levels of stupid I thought impossible to reach.

But Fredo Cuomo pulled it off.

Good job Dude!

Proud of your dumb ass.

What an idiot!

I will not go into the many ways he is stupid.

The only one of this dumb and dumber shit-show minstrel show is his side-kick:

Don Lemon

We need you now more than ever, Charles Darwin.

(P.S. I think I love this video— I just swerved into it–while I was searching for Simon and that other guy.)

“Lance, you’re really stupid and even worse: you’re insane.” said some intruder.

“Fuck off!””

“Proves my point; you’re certifiable.”

“Once again, I invite you to fuck the fuck off.” said Lance.

Intruder says, “Hey MS Muse, sitting there on the nasty couch, I am leaving this bust-out joint. Wanna catch a lift with me?”

Muse says,”No. You go and fuck yourself. To death.”

(I love my Muse)

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