In Need of a Soft Woman

Linda is so beautiful.

A treasure to be treasured.

I feel really sick. I am not well. I wish now more than ever that I had a Good Woman to lay down beside me, wrap her arms around me, comfort me and hold me tight as I fall asleep.

That is all I want at this moment: A kind, soft of nature, loving, caring gentle woman. (Linda would be my first choice, but Carly would suffice as well–if she be around and in town and not busy.)

Or even my second wife: She was a good woman and she loved me. She was ‘soft’ and she truly loved me. Much more than I loved myself.


Linda, I’m gonna love you for a long long long time.

2 thoughts on “In Need of a Soft Woman

  1. Linda was sho’nuff a HOT ONE. Always liked her voice. And looks.

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