Cowboys (And Cowgirls) And Muses

The astute will notice the “barefoot and pregnant” part of this vid. The not astute will not.

Not your fault. Our World is currently lacking in “astute.”

(Yeah. I am an asshole.)

Muse says (Yeah, She came home) says,

“Where have all the Cowboys gone?”

“There is one right here in front of you. Open your eyes.”

“I’ll go wash the dishes; you go have a beer.”

“There’s a good girl.”

Then she knocked the shit out of me.

“So glad you’re back.” I said, as I reached for a washcloth to stop the bleeding from my nose.

“Why did you hit me?”

“Because you’re an idiot!!

Could not argue that logic, nor that fact.

(Muse has a wicked right hook. Will endeavor in the future to not piss her off. )

(And no, I am not stupid enough to misunderstand the meaning and not-so-subtle nuance in this Paula Cole song)

And the irony that is my life.

I do love the song, however.

And I love my imaginary lover, My Beautiful Muse.

Imaginary lovers are the best kind:

Very low-maintenance.



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  1. I love that Paula Cole song and Neil is a genius! Always. Your muse is scrappy! Some of your links didn’t work my friend. I like the post tho! I hope you’re doing well!

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