I am not “Obelisk” to YOU

Just a stolen Facebork Post Of Mine I thought I’d SHARE:

“Since obelisks/ monoliths seem to be popping up all over the place, I thought I’d post this for hysterical reference:

(See comment section for a link to JUST ONE Article if you have not been keeping up with Current Events–LMAO!)

This Breaking News Brought to you by LNN: Lance News Network.

You’re welcome. Don’t mention it. My pleasure. (And my job)”

And Never Forget The Egyptians; They “Invented” The Obelisk Thang. They must have been ahead, (or behind) their time. I never understood how that worked.

That Whole ‘Time Thing.’

I should go back and try to re-read that Stephen Hawking book (Image pasted below)

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