Come on CNN!

Why do you keep running the same shit on a loop?

This ‘Anti-Trump’ shit.

There is ‘Real News’ happening all over the world:

Southeast Asia


South America



(Joke, by the way. Nothing ever happens in Waco–well once something happened, but that is ancient history–Waco got over it. And migrated back to their main mundane.)

Report The NEWS! CNN!

You used to be a ‘real’ news network.

(Thirty  some-odd years ago)

Now you are just shit-can GARBAGE


Is it just me, or does Chris Cuomo’s face resemble a constipated chicken?
On steroids.
And having a very bad ‘Chicken Day.’
Send me your thoughts for validation (or not)

5 thoughts on “FUCK YOU CNN!

  1. Welp, a hash oil totin’ basketball celebrity gets exchanged for an Interpol most wanted arms merchant. And a Marine gets left behind. Is this a fuckin’ great “cuntry” or what!
    Shameful, craven political expediency to assuage a certain demographic or two. And amateurish negotiating skills.
    I’d love to play poker vs Biden. I’d break him in less than 15 minutes.

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