Never Piss Off Your Prostate (If You Do, You’ll Never Piss Again- And Then You Will Die)

It is taking me longer and longer to piss these days.

As I was seated on the shitter trying to take a piss (now I sit down to piss—I know that is weird for a man, but my aim ain’t what it used to be).

Anyway, couldn’t piss—needed to—so I dialed up my prostate:

“Hey Prostate! What’s up? How’s it hangin’?

Mine ain’t ‘hangin’; it seems to have malfunctioned. Is it The WuFu?”

Prostate replied,

“Always trying to blame your problems on some external.

At any rate, You’re Fucked. Take two aspirin and call me in the morning.

–Have a nice day.”

(Video Credit: Luca Elmi)

Added Value:

That first voice you will hear belongs to Kris K.

Rest is all JJ

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