Oh Domino’s!

So I ordered some more nasty food from Domino’s.

Delivery gal shows up with my order.

“You got a receipt for me to sign?”

“No. You’re good,” she said

“That’s a shame, ‘cause I wanted to add in a cash tip for your prompt diligent delivery service. But since I cannot do that, here is a better tip:

“Don’t bet the ponies.”

(She was too young to appreciate the Joke or the Mafia Reference.)

She just looked at me as if I were from Mars (Which is actually my “Home Planet”)

I am an Illegal Alien here ya know

(But I have applied for my ‘Little Green Man’ Green Card.)



Got an email from ICE today

It read: “Application Pending. Meantime, watch your ass.”

Fucking Bureaucracy!

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