Hamsterdam (Apologies to ‘The Wire’- Wonderful TV Series)

Way back in the day when I was a wee child and living in Kansas City with My Daddy and my Evil Step- Mom DJ, I had a pet hamster.

He was an infant hamster, so I had to feed him out a very tiny baby milk bottle. I loved feeding him so much in this way.

Well I kinda ‘over-did’ it and one day he just exploded.

Imagine my remorse. Hamster abuse. Unintentional.

I was not an evil child.

But I grew up to be an evil man.

It’s a Darwinian thing:


Survival of the fittest

What goes around comes around I guess.

Good Karma?

I’ve accumulated none

(And probably too late to rack up any)

Oh wait!

John and Yoko can hook me up!

Added Bonus Value: HAMSTERDAM:

Video Compilation Credit: hartzilladesign

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