Lance Living Large In The Lion’s Den

Try a little kindness

This is just too rich not to share

Something really bizarre and wonderful just happened to me.

There was a loud knock upon my door. I figured it was Timothy wanting to beg a beer.

I got up and looked out the peep hole. Wasn’t Tim. It was a lady riding one of those golf-carts for invalids.

I opened the door. Hanging from my door knob was a Walmart bag. Lady glanced at it, said, “I deliver food here; it is bread and ham.”

I was so shocked that I blurted out, “God Bless You.” (Me, the Atheist) But it seemed apropos for the situation.

There are still good people in this world.

I hope I am one of them

(I feel blessed, though I probably do not deserve it)

Try a little kindness; it does a body good.


I ask for nothing from no one, because I am an asshole. I do not put up with bullshit in my life.


But when someone is unsolicited nice to me, it moves me and touches my heart. And I am grateful and honoured to be sharing their air.

Never forget: We are all in this Game Together

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

We are Humanity

That is Our Fatal Flaw

And also our Blessing


P.S. I feasted on ham sandwiches for three days…

2 thoughts on “Lance Living Large In The Lion’s Den

  1. When I was young. Poor mother had a low paying job. Once a week, a friend of my sister aunt would bring a bag of food over on Friday. I never forgot. When I returned from the Army in 1977. I wanted to repay her. She wouldn’t accept anything from me. She told me. Give away what you can and I am proud of her. She taught me. There are kind and good people in our world. Hello my friend. I liked your story. Make me remember the kind woman.

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