Grateful, Thankful, Optimistic, Positive, Upbeat, Efflorescent, Fluorescent—HAPPY CAMPER

“Just be thankful for what you’ve got.”

This is how I am living my life these days. Actually, how I have always endeavored to live my life.

I Don’t have much at all, money-wise, material-wise but I am ‘Rich’ with things of much more Value and Worth and I AM Thankful.

  • I am thankful, most of all, for all the wonderful people who have, over the years, come into my life and Blessed me with their Friendship
  • I am thankful for all the extraordinary opportunities I have had to travel the world and make friends of people from all walks of life and cultures
  • I am thankful for all the women I have loved and who have loved me back and put up with my bullshit and wanderlust and quirky, eccentric ways—even loved me for them, or in spite of them, I suppose
  • I am thankful for my mother and father. Neither was perfect, but who is? Certainly not This Cowboy.
  • I am thankful for having the Great Good Fortune to be a Native Texan. Sounds like hyperbole? It Ain’t. Believe it.
  • I am thankful for having the time to focus on my writing and for The Internet for allowing me the vanity to ‘share’ my work. (Thanks Al Gore for Inventing The Internet—We LOVE YOU MAN!)
  • I am thankful for not needing to go on Food Stamps (Not Yet Anyhow) That is a Joke, By the way…
  • I am thankful that Booze has failed in its unrelenting, timeless, tireless effort to kill me. “Keep tryin’ Booze! Stay focused and positive. You may just succeed one day. But I doubt it.” (Another Joke!)

By the way Booze, How long will this bullshit go on?

Just curious.


Update 03 July 2021:

I quit drinking finally and completely and forevermore two or so months ago. (only took me fifty some-odd years, but I did it.)

What this means, not to put too fine a point on it, this means I have chosen life over death.

Have chosen ‘Good Vibes’ over ‘Bad Vibes’



“Uh…Booze? I’m still waiting for your answer to my question. How long?!”

I have no regrets for how I have lived my life.

(OK, Perhaps a few ‘Minor Regrets’—I have not always been ‘The Smartest-Person-In-The-Room; In fact, I have often been the stupidest person in the room.

But I have lived my life without compromise and I have taken full responsibility for all my actions and the consequences they created.

And I have treated people with compassion, kindness, and respect throughout my life.

Y’all have a Great Sunday.


P.S. “What Is Your Plan Going Forward Lance?” Some may enquire.

“Why, To Keep On Truckin’ Of Course. What a silly question…Hahaha!”

“Lance: “Grateful Alive”

Be Happy Y’all.


A Beautiful, Poetic Song About Life From A Beautiful Poetic Woman:

Girls (And This Cowboy/Sailor) Just Wanna Have Fu’un

The Sun Is Always Shining On Me

Bonus Track: “And When I Die”


“Now troubles are many

They’re as

Deep as a well

I can swear there ain’t no Heaven

But I pray there ain’t no Hell”


“Give me my freedom

For as long as I be

All I ask of livin’

Is to have no chains on me

All I ask of livin’

Is to have no chains on me

And all I ask of dyin’ is to

Go naturally, only wanna Go naturally”




2 thoughts on “Grateful, Thankful, Optimistic, Positive, Upbeat, Efflorescent, Fluorescent—HAPPY CAMPER

  1. Angry Bird,

    My most sincere gratitude (especially these days) goes to those who spend a little of their finite time visiting my blog.
    I strive to not waste it (any time invested here)

    Means a great deal to me.
    Thank you.

  2. It’s great to see how much gratitude you have for all the things that actually we all should feel grateful about.. Keep speading positivity..🙂

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