More Face-Dork Shit: Vain Fantasy Shit

(Perhaps I will revisit this post and edit it …But I doubt that.)

Stream of unconsciousness

“I mostly write about my past. (On my TT&H Blog–and here too, I guess)

Recent past

Not so recent past

Some ancient history past.

All true.

All memories, My Memories, True Memories (‘Cept for the times I blacked out due to my propensity at times to… uh, well, ‘tis the fault of Jim (Beam) an’ his frens)

Some good

Some bad

Some devastating to remember and recount

Some glorious to revisit.

The one thing always constantly constant however is this:

They all make me feel still alive and kicking and looking forward to making new memories.”


Things that inform your mind that you are over-the-hill, and of no further use to society:

1. You telephone your girlfriend of thirty – years

2. She has better things to attend

3. i.e., laundry

4. You try to telephone your most recent ex-wife, only to discover that your number has been placed on her ‘block all calls from this number list.’

5. You look around for your dog.

6. Then remember he died in your arms at the vet, ‘bout 18 months ago.

7. Then you just crawl into a corner

8. And Pray for Death to come for you soon. And then you remember that you are an atheist.

And Prayer probably won’t work for you.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but it is at this moment you come to the stark realization that you are properly fucked.

And all alone




Danger Will Robinson!

Lance is DRUNK!

(Yet he writes anyway.)



Why? Oh Why!

Why do I pursue this vain fantasy?

I am cognizant of the paralyzed fact…

That I am drunk outta what is left of my mind.

But here is a clue and a nickel:

First the Clue: I don’t give a shit. (OK? We good with that so far?)

Second: I don’t give a fuck!

(Y’all ‘trackin’ now?)



(If Y’all don’t watch the below vid, I pity you.)

Vid Share Credit: Manosphere Environment

It’s a Fam-damily Tradition!

Fun fact:

Hank Jr, was three and change when when ‘Daddy’ Died.

But he milked it.

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