‘Siskel & Ebert’ (& Lance): Movie Impressions

A charmingly, delightfully, hysterically funny movie. And actually, quite Touching and Endearing.
(To me anyway)
Not gonna be everyone’s ‘cup of tea.’
But my teacup runneth over.

Three Thumbs Up!

Your mileage may vary.”

—Lance ‘Ekbert’

Maria Bakalova: My Latest ‘Crush’

(Yes. Lance is a Dirty Old Man–Sue Him–He’s Old, But He Ain’t Dead)


When the world outside is pure chaos, freshly minted Oscar nominee Maria Bakalova embraces the unknown.

Text Cred for above: Joey Nolfi

“I had no idea I was joining Borat,” she tells EW’s Awardist Podcast of her mysterious audition for the hit sequel, in which she was tasked to sing and dance and embrace the “craziness” inside of her. “It was a wild, blind casting date…. It was meant to be.”

–Maria Bakalova

Perfect, Apropos Song To Sum Up This Flick:


Bonus Track:

(Give this one a few seconds to get past the blank screen)

Cheers Y’all!

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