That Happy News! Still Friends in 2525

Still Stayin’ Alive!

I Feel ‘Blessed’
And that’s a Stretch
(Since I’m an Atheist)

Street Cred for Vid: Sanjin

Brilliant! Love it!

Just awakened from my coma.
Had some wonderful/happy news from a friend via voicemail.
(Won’t doxx him)

But suffice to say, he’s gonna be OK,
(Until 2525 Anyway!)

I am happy–everyone deserves some, a little, ‘happy’ in their life, ever’ once in a while.


But this really ain’t ’bout me.
It is about my friend.
My great, good friend.
Only friend I got.
Only Friend I need.

“A Friend in need is a friend indeed.”

(I try to not clutter up my life with too many Friends.)

But I Aim to keep this one.

Until 2525 Anyway


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Double Bonus Bit

Film Buffs Only Need Apply:

Street Cred For Vid: CinemaSins

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