Bugman Visit Cancelled! Thank God! And Thank Cynthia!

(I don’t need no more Bug trouble)

Cynthia dropped in earlier; inquired after my state of health.
I told her I was OK.
She reminded me that this was the day she was to clean my hooch.
I begged her not to bother—not her job.
And she said, “OK Baby, but if you change your mind…”
As we were in the midst of a conversation, I asked, “What time should I expect ‘Bug-Man?”
Cynthia said, “’Bout this afternoon. Ya don’t want him interrupt’d you?”
I said, “No.”
She said, “You got no bugs?”
“No, except for the ones running around in my head.”
She laughed.
Then she said, “OK, I’ll tell him not to bother you.”
I said, “Baby, you are good peoples.”
She blew me a kiss, then went on walking down the hall—making her rounds.
I love her!


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