Livin’ Life Large Here in The Den, Lion’s Den

I had a package delivery today
My neck collar/embracement
But more important:
Thank You Cards—Blank
I filled out three:
One for that dude who helped me into my house last week when I was so ‘shaky.’
One for Deb—Hotel Management, Warden
And of course one for, the main one of course … for Cynthia— Walking Boss
I shouted her down as she was making her rounds
Asked her to deliver my cards. Then gave her hers.
She threw her arms about my neck. (No! No WuFlu Masks–Here in Tejas, we be keepin’ it real)

(Masks? We don’t need no masks, nor any stinking WuFlu Vaccines badges!)

While Locked in her embrace I said, “You know I love you.”
She said, “I love you more.”
Then she untangled herself from me and walked away.

I still can smell her perfume on my shirt...Hours later.

Makes me happy

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