Moldy Old Posts. A Re-Visit: Shit Holes

Street Cred For Vid: Chetreo

Street Cred For Vid: Chetreo

Transcribed from an Old Post:


I moved out within a week; a one-bedroom frame house had come available and it was a bargain at just ninety bucks a month.

It was within fifty yards of ‘the crash site’ of my Monza, just across the road from the ‘Commerce International Dirt Strip’.

The pipes would freeze, but at least I did not have to enter my digs via the shitter.

The bedroom (yes! there was a proper bedroom!) had real wood paneling and I put carpet down in the kitchen (scrap bits I had ‘liberated’ from somewhere.)

My friends mocked me for carpeting the kitchen. Never sure why; seemed perfectly normal to me.

And the living room! I decorated with an old couch and chair I had also liberated from some place. (Probably the Commerce city dump / landfill.) I built a table out of some old lumber I picked up out of some pasture.

The whole place could best (euphemistically) be described as ‘Nineteen Thirties Era Dust Bowl’–or simply–‘Rustic’. And I loved it!

Had no Television, but I had a fifty gallon aquarium and my record-player.

Many happy, drunken, pot induced munchie chili cook-offs happened at this venue and life was grand: Some of my happiest memories to this day. In truth, I enjoyed my poverty.

I could go on and on, but my mind is tired today, so you’re lucky….

Thank you very much for taking the time to visit (even though I cannot help but sheepishly, shamelessly feel I nudged, goaded, prodded you into doing so).

Nonetheless, you are very gracious and generous with your time and your kind comments have made My Day. (I am a big fan of your writing, as you may have surmised.)

Cheers to you and do not forget to hug a vet this weekend.

(I am available for hugging on a first-come-first-served-basis by the way, and it won’t cost you a dime—just send one dollar, Postal Money Order…)


Just Had To!


Such Grace! Such Class! Such Beauty!

There must be a God!

To Have Blessed Us With The Treasure That is She!




She is such a beautiful, class act.

I shall remain forever in love with her!

Vid Cred: Kehlog Albran

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