To Mask or Not to Mask (That is The Question)

Vid Cred: Shirley Șerban

Vid Cred: Shirley Șerban

Above Would Be Me!

If I were lost in Idiocracy


To live or not to Live

Zat is the Ques-ze-ion!
Personally, I do not mask.
(Nor do I Ask )

And I do not live in Fear!

Not My Style!

I have no Fear!

My Dear!


I Continue to live MY Life

(Such as it is)

Vid Cred: Shirley Șerban:

Brilliantly Done!
Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!


I do not mask my emotions.
I do not mask my current state (of poverty)
I do not mask my mind.

I do not mask my kind.

Why then, Oh Why?
Would I mask my face?

Not gonna Get the WuFlu

And even if I do… So What?

I do not have the WuFlu!

Fuck You if You do!

Stay Home!

Get Better!

Good Luck!

Cred: Buddy Brown


Take Your Masks Off!

Take your fucking masks off!

You are not fooling anyone!

With your False/Fake Make-Shift Bullshit!

Ride into Hell astride a great galloping White Pony!

Or sit upon a Fucking Rainbow Unicorn!

Your Option!

And try to hang on!

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