Left-Over Food. Left-Over Dreams. Left-Over White Trash King!

My Fridge:

Left On my Bed. Instead. No worries. I can sleep around it.

I’ve got enough left-over food (some weeks gone-by of age-Waste not. Want not!) in my fridge to ‘Feed Cox’s Army’

‘Feed Cox’s Army…’ An expression Janet used to hurl at me upon often occasion.

Anyway… I got NO Room! No ROOM! For my Beer! But I don’t care!

I am sorta European in this regard.
I LOVE Warm Beer!

Yes! Yes! Yes! I know:

I am pure-dee Bona-Fide White Trash.

And I LOVE TV Dinners!

(If the sauce is not too blue)

Astute observers will note the Ouija Board in this below video.


Added Value:

3 thoughts on “Left-Over Food. Left-Over Dreams. Left-Over White Trash King!

  1. Fairy Queen,

    You know what I do when I have only moldy old food?
    I pretend I am in Auschwitz.
    And I thank God I have anything to eat at all.
    This is what I do.
    Then I eat.
    And thank God.
    Which us a stretch for me, being an atheist.

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