My First Info-Babe Love: Christiane Amanpour!

She took my “News-Junkie Virginity.”
Then she never looked back.
Never dropped by.
Never mailed a postcard.
Never telephoned.
No Nada!
(Just kidding Christiane)
You know I will always love you best!


Absolutely Charming!


Every time I see her, I fall in love all over again.

(I suppose that’s how it always goes with those…

“First Loves–Lost”)

‘Just Hang on to your Good Memories Cowboy.’


Why do I love her so?

We have walked the same dirt.

In Dangerous, Desolate Places.

That is Why.

And She is Braver Than Me.

That is Also Why.

“We Have Heard The Chimes At Midnight.”

She and Me

Me and She

(Just Never Together)

Can You Imagine?

Can You Even Wrap Your Mind Around My Vain Fantasy?

If. Just If!

(I Would Have Become a Very Different Man…)

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