This Is Just a “Puff Piece” All About One of My Favorite Women Of-All-Time. Surprised?

To be quite honest, I had never been a big fan,

Until… My Third, Lisa-the-Professor, sat me down in front of the TV one night and put on “Truth or Dare.”

(The Blond Ambition Tour)

By the end of the film, I was IN-Love.

And In-Awe.

And In-Respect.

“The Girl, she works hard for the money.”

(Sorry Donna)

Madonna Keeping It Real:

From that night forward, I could never get enough Madonna in my life.

Still true today.


When I was working at Latson’s Printing & Office Supply I kept a framed photo of Madonna on my desk.

One day a customer asked me, while pointing at the photo,

“Is that your daughter?”

“Naw” I said, “That’s my Mom.”


I discovered a little black pin left on the cork board June (My landlady and sometime lover) had on the wall of the kitchen.

Guess it had lost its magic for her. NOT for Me though.

Such a Treasure!

It read, “More Madonna, Less Jesus.”

Naturally, I had to pin it on my shirt and wear it to work, much to the distress of Dick Latson, Owner and Boss-Man.

Baptists and Church-of-Christers made up a large portion of our clientele. Oh, and Methodists too.

To his credit, Dick did not tell / order me to remove the pin.

But since I could see that my wearing it caused him not a little anguish, I only wore it that one day. Just wanted to see how many people’s buttons I could push.

Actually I (disappointedly) only got one comment the entire day:

A slightly fortyish attractive lady remarked as I was ringing up her purchases,

“I think your pin should say ‘More Jesus, Less Madonna’”

I replied, “I originally ordered that one, but was told those were on back-order, so I had to settle for this one instead”

(Yeah, I was somewhat of a smartass back then)

But she laughed. At least she had a sense of humor.

Of course, I always kept my Madonna Photo prominently displayed upon my desk.


Now I am cognizant of the fact that there are myriad ‘Madonna Haters’ out there in ‘Radio Land.’

Here is My Philosophy, (Well-Documented in some of my posts) and some advice:

You don’t have to love the ‘artist-person’ to love the art. There are lots of performers I detest because of their off-stage persona or antics, or just piss-poor personality in general.

But… That does not stop me from enjoying and appreciating their art.

I do not give two shits about their politics, arrogance, religion, sexual preferences, et cetera. If their art entertains and enriches my life, I am good with them.

On the other hand, they can be as wonderful and charming as all get out, but if they have no true performance talent, I move on.

Here is the advice part for anyone out there who may need it:

Do not be so narrow and small-minded, and full of your own morality that you prevent yourself from enjoying good art.

That loss is yours.

And yours alone.

Believe me, the artists, the great ones especially, don’t give a shit if you boycott them or not.


Try to remember:

“Life is a Cabaret”

Enjoy it while it lasts. Don’t deny yourself value and enjoyment in your life just because some great performer pisses you off due to their persona while off-stage.

You most assuredly have conquered My World Baby!



Of Course when “Evita” Premiered in Dallas Lisa and I were First in-Line at the Box-Office.

Good Thing Too, as The Movie Sold Out Quickly


Beaucoup More Madonna Below.

Feel Free to Cherry-Pick.

Or Watch Them All!

3 thoughts on “This Is Just a “Puff Piece” All About One of My Favorite Women Of-All-Time. Surprised?

  1. Thank you David. She really has been far too vilified over the years.

    She has worked her ass off all her life and has seriously earned all that she has.

    I was born in ’57 btw, sane month and year as Sputnik.

    I put a great deal of thought, time and grinding work into this post. It is fulfilling to have someone appreciate it.

    Thank you for your visit and comment.

    (By the way…I am still adding to it–WP is probably gonna eventually explode as I add that “just-one-more-video.”

  2. I like to say: “The summer of ’58, Prince, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and me.” Madonna is two weeks older than I and way better looking. Always had a deep respect for her.

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