As Promised (and foretold)

Shall we play a game?

Of course.

We must.

“But, what are the rules?”

“Oh! Thought you might ask, Ass.”

“Rule number one”:

“There are no rules.”

“Rule number two: Refer to Rule Number One.”

“But what is the game???”

“The ‘game’ is what you make of it.”

“Oh! Now I am beginning to get your point.”

“This is your first mistake. You are allowed two. You have carelessly spent one.”

“Well? What is the ‘Game”?”

“It, ‘The Game’, is quite simple. And brilliant in it’s simplicity. Actually.”


“Deep subject.”

“Are you mocking me?”

“No. I only mock men who are worthy of ‘My Mock.’ You, Sir, are never worthy. So, fuck the fuck off. Stay out of my life. Google it, if you dare to care.”

“Okay! Well what is the fucking game???”

The ‘Fukin’ Game… is thus:”

“Please go on…”

“I shall, if you but give me a moment.”

“Cash prizes?”

“Are you thus so shallow?”


“Well, at least you admit it.”


This is going somewhere.

Stay tuned.

Just so you know…

“Le foutre” en francais, means, ‘to fuck.’

This is the reason why.


Why this scene is so funny (to the ‘not-morons.’)

Yer welcome.

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