As I Grow Old, and Older…

I find me more an’ so much more a feminist.


This is a hard row to help, to how.... To Hoe

As a Texan.


Tis truthy…


I am Tex

And I lost her…..

Because I was stupid!

And our eyes did not see eye-to-eye.

“Hazel eyes; she’s not too pretty…. but…. Goddamn it! I loved her!”

I still remain do.

(Actually, If I am honest… she was / is the most beautiful woman I have ever known) And if she ever reads these words, she knows who she is.

“‘Torment'” is just a scare word.” Just a ‘scare’ word for the old and regretful.

Not Unlike HEM. 2X to the mouth? ??? And the wind blows me like a paper cup… down the highway.

I’ll edit this garbage later…….

But somewhere along the way.

I learned to read.

Sade is Not Texan, but she should be…could be…

If this post makes no sense it is because it is not supposed to.

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