I Grow Weary

And I am capsized…


I am so sick of ‘drive-by likers.’

They irritate me no end.

I hate them.

If you like a post….

Well, I appreciate it.

If it is for real.

And I love you.

Love you marvelous much.


If you just go to WP Reader and hit ‘like’ to indulge me, or to try to get me to read your shit...

Fuck you.

I will read your shit.

When I am in that mood.

Not before.

I give zero fucks if you read me.

I write for me.

No one else.

And I don’t drop ‘likes’ without telling you why I ‘like.’

Because writers need to know why they are liked.

Or disliked.

Writers deserve honesty.

This craft is too fucking hard.

15 thoughts on “I Grow Weary

  1. So you’re a writer now? This is your profession? How many books did you write? Where are your books? I thought you was only a blogger. Why you fix your attention and waste your time in watching “like”, you should do much important things in your life. For example write a book about Rhonda, so it could be easier to read about her than here. 😉

  2. Barbara, I like you. You are for reals. I like you. I appreciate you. But perhaps you did not read my post when I compared all of my bad points to HEM??? Fore-Warmed is fore-shucks.

  3. Glad to hear I’m an old timer now. Really liked the Bogey & Bacall post.

  4. Hard to read between the lines as I’m fairly new here and seemed to qualify for the scolding regarding your ‘like’ policy.

  5. I like your posts – but don’t always have the time to articulate why 🙂
    Mostly I like them because you say what you’re really thinking, or share things I enjoy seeing through your eyes.
    I’ll try to do better 🙂

  6. Take it or leave it – it’s up to you. Sometimes I just don’t have anything to tell you except I liked the blog. If you don’t want the like, let me know and I quit it.

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