Because I do care.

(And I give a shit)

‘Bout my readers.

Some of y’all

(Who notice such things)

Might wonder why.

Why some of my posted (stolen) vids are in

screen-capture form.

Here is why:

Sometimes, when I borrow (steal) a vid

I get an Micro-Soft-Fuck-You

Pop up.

Explaining to the credulous me

“You need to download this free add-in to watch this vid. Clik here.”

I always have the same gut reaction:

Fuk off.

So, I do the ‘work-around’

(Because I am a nerd and I know how things work.)

I screen-capture it.

And then I pro-mouse me happy.

‘Cause I do not want to ‘impend” anymore time upon my readers (both of you) than is required.

Because I valve, value, your time.

As I do mine.


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