I am too lazy to edit this. Just watch it.

I have spilled a lot of virtual ink on Macbeth.

Mostly on Lady Macbeth.

Now I’d love to write on the entire movie.

The Roman Polanski one.

Of Macbeth.

And I shall.

Just as soon as I sober up.

Stay tuned.

But, in the meantime, take note of the genius that is Polanski:

He makes one of the Weird Sisters (The witches) walk away from the other two.

This is not in Shakespeares’ Cliff Notes.

Polanski just added it.




And I am far too lazy to edit this video for you.

Git over it.

I may edit it later.

But do not hold yer breath. Never hold your breath. That is a stupid thing to do.

Trust me.

I know.

And for anyone who wants to chastise me over Polanski:

I respect the art; if not the artist.

Hef put his name on this.

Not sure why.

Guess he was the Money.

“Grate jorb Hugh! You gave provided me fodder! I lub ya man!”

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