I am supposed to be writing about ‘Macbeth’, but Liz Taylor has invaded my head and my heart.

(And recently taken up permanent residence there–that’s bullshit–she has always lived there)

Rent Free.

And she always shall.

(Ill return to our Hero presently.)

Just as soon as I get Liz outta my head.

Of course I wrote a University level paper on this movie.

(Shrew–I wrote if for Shakespeare class)

In fact, I have spilled a lot of ink on Liz.

Sorry that those papers did not survive the fire my last wife started. I guess I should feel blessed that I got out alive with my ass in tact. In fact.

Perish the papers….

It was me or them.

I chose me over them.

Fuk them.

(And Of course I wrote a paper on this movie as well.)



(Have I ever mentioned that?)

“HUD” Portrait of a Texas Heel.

I can only watch this once per decade.

It hits the mark too close to home.

I love movies.

What the hell is wrong with me?

Added value bonus:

Comments are magical