My Writing, Self-Delusional Façade

(Have I Become boring?)



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This was originally written for just one person, But in my vain vanity fantasy, I decided to ‘Shit-Post’ it here.

(Because I am adrift at sea… And exhibiting my most hated characteristics: self-pity and self-loathing)

These are gonna come off as some really vain, pompous questions, but questions I struggle with every day:

1. Am I ‘Interesting?’

2. Is my writing worth a fuck?

3. Or am I just another asshole?

4. Who calls Himself a ‘Writer?’

(There are many more I beat myself up over, and if you drill down into my archives, you may be happy/unhappy to discover them, but for the purposes of THIS Post, They are Not Germane.)

Not fishing for validation, compliments, nor smoke blown up my vanity ass—Honesty.

Honesty is what I need. All I desire.

If my writing is only self-serving, then I am a failure (as a writer)

Please be honest—Trust me: I can take it—There is no harsher critic of me, than me.

Sometimes I feel lost at sea—And, as a sailor, this is never a good thing.

I keep watching/listening to Bukowski and asking myself these questions.

Take some time with your respond:

I am way past the point of counting upon ‘Instant Gratification.’

Cheers My Good,

Honest Friends,

–Many-Feet Marcom—Wanna-Be Writer

2 thoughts on “My Writing, Self-Delusional Façade

  1. Barb, my blog may be broken. Perhaps I will try to fix it. Perhaps not. Thank you for reading Shonnie. I loved her.
    A lot.

  2. I really liked Shonie posts (got the spelling wrong and can’t find them in your list to verify). (BTW, there’s a check box beneath this area that is black writing on a black background that is impossible to read – I think it says ‘notify me of new comments via e-mail, but that’s just a guess). Maybe lighten up the words or the background. Just saying…

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