Hearts are like assholes; ever’one got one

Anyone who reads me, knows most of my shit is about women–my relationships with women. I love women. This is well-documented.

I have broken lots of hearts.

Lots of good woman hearts.

My heart, my one one, my only one, has been broken too.

I should take better care of it.

Try to Look out for it.


More earnestly.

More diligently.

Less carelessly.

Heart Broke.

More times than I wish to recount.


I always manage

to sailor on.

And I will.




This is cruel.

Cred for Vid: jakuerika

Billie H is the broad singing; but you knew that already….


And crude.

But it is how I choose to survive.

I honestly have no choice in the matter.

If you do not get my sense of humor, you are in the wrong place.

And you need to leave.


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