May I speak honestly (for a moment?) Don’t get accused/accustomed/used to it. It will be fleeting

Y’all know how I bang on and on and ON about TEXAS in general, and Texas Women in particular.

(Kinda hard to miss)

My point, the one I am trying to make.

Is this:

I am cognizant.

Of my failings.

I know, for me, Texas is a vain fantasy.

But it is all I have.

All I really want.

I am a student of Texas History.

I am well-read.

This does not make me better than you.

It just makes me better-versed.

In Texas.


Drive Thru.

I will always love Texas.

Because this is where I am ‘from.’

And more assholes than I care to admit have often said to me:

“Texas is a good place to be ‘from’.”

Then I usually would bounce a beer bottle off’n they head (for their trouble and for their unsolicited opinion)

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