“Calgon, Take Me Away!”

Just one more in the

“I cannot believe I wrote this shit”


I’ve already lost myself,

But not in “luxury”

Street Cred Share for Vid: blocqut

Artist: Jerry Samuels (billed as Napoleon XIV)

Street Share Cred: ‘SoZ Satire incorporating The Whitechapel Whelk.’



For ALL The Girls I’ve Loved Before:

“We’ve gotta get outta this place.”

(How many times and places have I said this to each all of them?)


For some of y’all out there who may have wondered where the hell I’ve been lately…

Well, I have been endeavoring with gusto and, actually, extreme prejudice, to ‘reinvent’ me. You see, I want to be a ‘happier, gentler, kinder’ kind of blogger. I no longer want to post rants, though I do love to RANT.


Below please find some Rant Links from My Past. I believe they are representative:

Anyhow, the frontal lobotomy and the Prozac, and the small furry kitten to pet, and the re-education classes (particularly loved Those!), have all done wonders for my mental frame-of-reference. Oh! And to whomever sent me that ‘Care-Package’ of Calgon-Bath-Oil-Beads… Gee thanks.

They took me away. But too late, for ‘They’ had already taken me away… Nice try. I loved the sentiment anyhow.

If you happened to read my last post, you will have discovered that I have taken on some menial labor. Now: This is no disrespect to those who perform such. Au contraire! It is just a fact. And I did mention with accolades, how very much I enjoy it (menial labor).

The thing is, is, I am just in a slump—between gigs—gigs that


Lance Looks in the Mirror

this, this 24 hour news cycle which always gets it wrong. (Yes: CNN, Fox, American BBC, American Al Jazeera: I am talking about you—and all the other ‘News Networks.’ Ad nauseam.)

I belong in War Zones; that is the only kind of Gainful Employment Venue I am well-suited for.

More to come…



Just to prove I am still a Cock-Eyed Optimist:
Ain’t nothin’ but good times ahead Y’all
(Just kidding)

I ADORE both of these women.



(And The Bab’s Sailor Girl Suit???!!!)




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