Denton UBH Day One: Stepping Through The Door

I suppose it’s time.

Time to ‘revisit’ this.

(At least the music is good)

Arrived 1822 hrs.

Delivered there by two very attractive young Hunt County EMT’s.

They were almost twins, in their young innocent female forms.

I was ‘in love.’

With both of them.

Why not?

I’m liberal.

Alas, could not last.

The Ambulance Ride had been extremely bumpy, long and loud, and un-comfy.

I was strapped to a gurney and could not maneuver my butt to relieve the stinging sensation of a butt not moved.

For two hours.

The ‘Check-in’ Process took longer than the road trip.

Myriad forms to be read, filled out and signed.

The signing part was very difficult, given my shaky state.

They took all my belongings (Cell phone, wallet, Copenhagen, car keys, and my pride)

To Be continued…


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Fuck you WordPress! Half the vids I try to upload never see the light of day!

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