Poem For “Ethel”–Fake Name–UBH: Interlude


Why is the rum gone?



Black Hair

Black Eyes

Bright Smile

Great Thighs

Wily Words From Her Mouth

Gave No Pause

Left No Doubt

Words Delivered With Such Charm

Better Watch Out

You’ll Be Disarmed

Your Walls Came Crashing Down

Your Weapons On The Ground

She Was Standing There

(Laughing At My Folly)

Laughing Everywhere

You May As Well Surrender Right There

Taking Me Aside, She Said

“I’ll Never Be Your Bride.

“But You Knew This All Along.”

She Left Me With A Song

And Made Me Smile Again

Then Left Me With a Fact:

“I Cheats At Blackjack”


(Inside Joke—Will Elaborate On This In A Future Post As We Delve Deeper Into This Odyssey)

“A Broad River Divides My Lovers: As Unchangeable As Nature.”

Best Carly Song Ever NOT Written by Kris Kristofferson. I misspoke.


Here is the one I meant (Written by Kris):

Sade! Take me Away!

2 thoughts on “Poem For “Ethel”–Fake Name–UBH: Interlude

  1. Fairy Q,
    She stole my heart…. she had two broken wings.
    this beautiful Cambodian girl.
    I fell head over heels for her, but I never told her.
    two weeks in the loony tunes hos-spittlel makes strange bed fellows….
    The sincere part is that I did love her.
    I think she loved me
    But some things are better left unsaid.

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