Already Second Thoughts

Yes. Yes. I know what I said (wrote).

And I was sober when I wrote it.

And I meant ever’ word.

When I wrote it.


I am suffering second thoughts.

Because I love sharing vids, photos, images, gifs, and even, sometimes, writing… and all that jazz. Never thinking all these ‘added value’ adds did not enrich my posts, I just kept on doing it. Doing it to the point whereby I thought I was getting pretty damn good at it. But I may be deluding myself.

It is just FUN to ‘Build’ Posts using such ‘crutches’ as I call them. But if I do not use the tools available to me, am I not doing a disservice to my readers? (All five of you—yes—my ‘hits’ have expanded exponentially of late. Don’t know why)

I mean, a lot of thoughts (Mine) go into selecting all of that “Added” Value (Theirs). But Nothing is happenstance.

No Brag; Just Fact…


I am not Poe.

I am not Shakespeare.

I am not Hemingway.

Shit, I ain’t even Ogden Nash.

But, I can write decent ‘stand-alone’ shit.

Perhaps I can do both.

Use the multi-media ‘added value’ to grab the attention.

But also, spend more time actually doing ‘serious’ writing. Most certainly I have the time. I got no woman to distract me (Alas). I have no job (Not Alas) I have my health (For now) What is to stop me?


It is my very heart-felt desire to make your visits here entertaining.

To make you laugh.

To make you smile.

To make you feel just a little bit better about shit.

To entertain you, even if just for a fleeting moment.


Most of Y’all never watch the added value stuff anyway. And I have honestly admitted that most of the time, it is added for my own entertainment and edification.

Not unlike a fool who laughs at his own jokes.

(I am trying real hard to go somewhere with this—to convey heart-felt musings—wish my muse had not left me. –Old series, which some of you have read: “Abusive Muse”)


Trying to tie-up these thoughts:

I respect my readers.

I respect the time of my readers.

I want to entertain my readers.

I want my readers to enjoy themselves when they come into “My House” for a visit.

“Come in. Set a spell. Take your shoes off. Y’all come back now, ya hear?”

Please HBO here (Help a Brother Out)

I value Y’all’s opinion.

Really need some feedback on this one Kids.

(Not fishin’ for compliments, nor accolades, just honest opinions. Do Y’all enjoy the Multi-Media Stuff, or does it more bore you?)


Drive Thru.

7 thoughts on “Already Second Thoughts

  1. However Anon,
    I knew a gurl once.
    She could spell.
    She was gonna have that on her tombstone:
    “Here lies (name redacted), she could spell.”

  2. Dear Anon, one last ponder:
    Only some?
    I thought everyone loved all of my shit.
    The whole ball’o’wax.
    The entire canon…. or is that cannon?
    Spelling ain’t never ben my thang.

  3. Anon, Mick, right? Ulyseeeeseees? Oh yeah. I read that, but had to read it stoned, so I have lost most, if not all, of ….. It.

  4. If you’re laughing at your own jokes at least that makes one person, which is better than zero. So I say write what you like. (For the record I have found some of your content extremely entertaining, especially the stuff about the English teacher who liked James Joyce.)

  5. Hi Barbara,
    Thank you very much for feed-backin’.
    Yeah, I know: Sometimes, too much.
    I have a tendency to get carried away.
    “Brevity is the soul of wit” was never my mantra.
    I will take your advice.
    And yes. I remember when RP had his show.
    And concur:
    They must have been crazy.

  6. I like most of them a lot (especially the oldie hippie music), but sometimes they’re just too many. But instead of not doing any, how about cutting down the quantity some? By the way, I loved the Richard Pryor one – do you remember when they gave him his own prime time T.V. show? They must have been crazy, although it was funny as hell.

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