Hey! Did You Happen to See…The Most Beautiful Girl In The World?

There was a brief moment back in the very early Seventies when we all (most of us) took a brief break from being ‘so cool’ and ‘so hip’ and ‘just so many assholes.’ All the ‘Beautiful’ people fell head over heels in-love with a really geeky girl. And we were all so much the better for having done so.

This (for those who would admit it), was our favorite song.

For about a week…

Then we rapidly returned to our regularly scheduled ‘ass-hole-ed-ness.’ And never missed a step. Nor did we even look back.

There was that one brief moment, one summer… and of course it could never last… (For Most)

But it lasted for me

And it Will Last Forever. I never stopped loving her. More than I can say about… nevermind.

Karen had that most rare combination of qualities: class, beauty, humility, heart, talent, innocence, purity, and more class sprinkled on top just for good measure. “So much of life ahead…” Fuck this! I cannot keep thinking about her. ALL STOP! This is breaking my heart. I need to write on someone else, or something else. Or somewhere else more cheerful. Perhaps Afghanistan. Sorry Kids; I seem to have worked myself into a reminisce and a crying jag. My apologies. 

Cheers and Happy Manic Monday,  Uh… ‘Tuesday’ (Somehow I lost a day. Again. Shit!)


UNITED STATES – MARCH 24: THE JOHNNY CASH SHOW – The Carpenters – March 24, 1971, Karen Carpenter (Photo by Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

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