Short UBH Bit Saga Continued

Reposting this for a friend.

She knows who she is.

A page from my Misfit Notebook while at UBH.

(Note to self: “Self, you need to continue your UBH Saga.”)

“Okay. I’m on it.”

For anyone wondering why we had ‘homemade’ pens:

They gave us only the innards–they didn’t want us trying to commit suicide with the plastic parts.

So we improvised.


Too Heavy?

3 thoughts on “Short UBH Bit Saga Continued

  1. Hi Barbara,
    That may have been by intent. Intent of the director.
    War ends abruptly.
    Life ends abruptly.
    Trust me.
    I know.
    Thank you for stopping by and signing my Guest Book.
    I truly appreciate that.

  2. That was the last movie I ever saw in a theater. Up until that exact scene, I thought it was a pretty funny film. That ended abruptly.

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