Miss Function Junction

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Functioning juicers have myriad balls to juggle.

It is not easy being a functioning alcoholic.

One cannot be stupid.

One cannot be careless

One cannot squander finance

One cannot waste time

Most important,

One has to keep DT Monster away.

For, when DT Man shows up.

Yer fucked.

Severely fucked.

Game-the-fuck-over fucked.

Cash yer chips.

You done

So, what to do?

Juicers invent little ‘games’ for the head to play be’tix drinking, not too much time involved, but those times are crit.

My favorite ‘game’ while trying to sleep one briefly off is making lists in my head.

Lissss of what?

Since I am in love with women so much,


That’s easy, yah?

Not so fast Cowboy.

I invent lists of women I want.

Well, that does narrow it down a mite.

Not really. I make lists of ALL women, dead or living, that I want.

I see your problem. Narrow it down then.

I did. Now my list is only living women.

That should work. Is your list more manageable now?


Why not?

Lots of live women  walking about in the world.

I see.

Now what?

Narrow the list down to alive women who would actually be with me.


This list is now in negative numbers and I can sleep.

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