Dried up Ink, In Cooperated.

Street Fucking Cred: MC Lars (I love THIS!)

It is brilliant.

(It is slow to load, but worth the wait.)

Flow Like Poe

I have had this old story bouncing about in my head

When I took that ‘Creative Writing’ class at University, back after Navy Daze, the only assignment was to write, publish, write, write….

just one

Just one

Just one short story.

Oh, of course, we stuffed Edgar Allen into our heads…

He was the ‘inventor’ of the short story:

“Quoth that Raven! Never more!”


What ever ever.


You bore.


I wrote a ‘semi-short’ story about a dice degenerate in Las Vegas.

His story went south for him.

He ended up in a very bad place.

Wanna read it?

The orig perished in that fire my last set…

But I may be able to recreate re-erect, restrict, resurrection it.

Let me know.

Fiction ain’t really my genre, as you know.


Yeah! I can do that!

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