WIP (Yeah, I can do that–my whole life is a WIP–I hope)

This wonderful video built by Francesca Maria deserves its own stand-alone post.

I am WIP’ing on it.

But, While you wait….

(Helpful hint: It’s better with headphones. The sound is very soft and subtle)

Looks of Love

Lame – ass Author’s note:

Every image in this masterpiece of a vid by Francesca could be a post (written by someone who knows how to write). Not me. Obviously. But, God as My witness! I am gonna try. The work she (Francesca) put into constructing this…. Only I can imagine. Lots of Y’all do not understand how posters, such as I and of course Francesca, how much thought goes into finding just the ‘right’ vid, image, meme. It takes time. It takes fucking time.

And it takes work.

Lots of work.

And she found a way to make it all black and white!

She is a fucking artistic genius! I have run fresh out of accolades to heap on her vid, but, trust me: I ain’t done yet.


Francesca in her own words:

Francesca Maria
11.6K subscribers

Go see her here:


Tutti abbiamo bisogno di qualcuno che ci guardi. A seconda del tipo di sguardo sotto il quale vogliamo vivere, potremmo essere suddivisi in quattro categorie. La prima categoria desidera lo sguardo di un numero infinito di occhi anonimi […] La seconda categoria è composta da quelli che per vivere hanno bisogno dello sguardo di molti occhi a loro conosciuti […] C’è poi la terza categoria, la categoria di quelli che hanno bisogno di essere davanti agli occhi della persona amata […] E c’è infine una quarta categoria, la più rara, quella di coloro che vivono sotto lo sguardo immaginario di persone assenti. Sono i sognatori.


I love Italian women.

Especially the smart ones.

But they make me feel so… what’s the word?



That’s the word.


Goddamn! Look close! She dropped in Nat Wood!

There is just so much more ‘right’ with Francesca’s Vid.

So much fodder to mine.

I will never find my time…

Nor my mind.

And, fuck me!


You will have to scroll down.

See how easy it is?

I have already written on many of these images (in a former, reeel writer life—ha ha ha!)


And of course:

Lauren Bacall

And Judy’s in there somewhere over the fucking rainbow….

I could spend endless weeks, years, tears, beers on Francesca’s brilliant vid. I probably will…..

In other words:

My current writing ‘project’ is properly fucked.

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