Little Bird

Street cred for vid: 709Austin

Fun fact I just noticed. (And I generally notice a lot…. missed this one first time around… fun fact; One of the dudes in the band is Nat Maines daddy…. Llyod) He’s the dude on the steel gee tar.


If you do not laugh at this, you are not human.

From a recently sent email string to a woman I am trying to woo…. and failing ‘Les Miserables’ at it.


A little bird landed on my vehicle. I approached/reproached said little bird. Then Asked,

“What do you want, Little Bird?”

Little Bird said,”I have a msg for you.”

“Do tell, and do not shit on my car.”

He/she said (difficult to establish gender in these situations) He/She/It said,

“Marla is bored with you. Move on”

“Thanks” I said, as I went back into mi casa…. looking for my shotgun…


I came back.
Little bird was gone.
I shot out my head-lights anyway.
No point in wasting my rage.
Or my big-ass twelve gauge.


Hour later, a policeman showed up
I invited him to go get fucked.

Probably not the wisest words ever to ever escape my lips.


Author’s note adddd-end-um:

This was supposed to be a ‘light’ post.

I fucked it up.

I dropped in a very sad song.

By Jerry Jeff

A ‘Lost Gonzo Band’ song I have been listening to all my nat’ral life.

But I never really listened to the words.

Until now.

Wish I hadn’t.

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