Oops! I Did It Again

Something is just wrong with me.

I suppose I love Britney….

For the physical attraction.

As if…

I fucking wish.

I may be old, but I ain’t dead (yet)

Aw shit! Ariana used the ‘S’ Word:

See way the hell below… this is, as I did warn, a WIP. Figure it out. Or Not.

Mo no shit! I love Ariana Grande….. (Surprised?) You must be New Jew/New here!

Fun, not so fun, fact: Ariana said she would stop doing impersonations be’cuz it was, that wuz, ruining her voice…. look it up.


Oh My Gawd Damn!

Ariana is adorable!

I love this broad:

Jamie-Lynn Sigler

“It breaks my heart just looking at her”

Her eyes should be classified…

as lethal weapons.

Snakes and Ladders…

Shakira! Shakira! Shakira!

This vid never grows old for me. If ever it does, stuff me into a body bag, because then I am dead. Twice over.

Vid Cred: Daniel Caires

Never Really Ever Been A Fan, But This Serves My Purpose Here
Thank You Britney

I’m not that innocent either

On FaceFuk

Transcribed in Below:


“Just a generic observation on Social Media in General and Writing in Particular:

And for Ref: During the Vietnam War, and leading up to his resignation, President Richard Nixon preceded many public comments with the line, “Let me make one thing perfectly clear.”

So, Humour me for a moment, if you will. Let me be perfectly clear before I get too drunk to write this.

I have often said that I mainly write for my own edification.

And This is Paralyzed Fact/Truth.

But what I never say/verbalize enough is how much I appreciate & Respect My Readers.

A writer needs readers to get him to work on the next writing project.

(Simple Yin and Yang—Tits for Tats—Validations)

Not to blow my own horn too much (In spite of my façade and massaged image, I am a humble, shy man)

But here is some bona-fide truth:

(I work really hard at not posting garbage. I respect anyone and everyone who takes the time to read my ‘work.’ I endeavor to post quality content—lots of variety—lots of shit I search out and steal from the Internet—Yet I always credit the Original Poster whenever possible.)

Back to my point: Because I know that our finite time is not a thing to be squandered.

I know I ain’t Shakespeare, but (and trust me on this) I do put a lot of time, thought, and effort into my attempt to enrich your lives, Gentle Readers.

And Thank You Marvelous Much if you visit my Real Blog Page

And if you take some time to drop a dime and ‘comment’—You may have my First born.

(That is a JOKE—Justin Case You do not get my sick sense of humour.)

Visit texantales.com “I trust you will find comfort there.”

(I stole that line From The Wonderful Movie, “The Dresser.”)

Google it.

Not you Johnny—You already know…”



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