You’ve Got to Give a Little. Kindness is the Best Cure for all ills.

(Of course Glen was full of shit, (ask Tanya Tucker) but I do love this song.)


To get a little.

Give a little of yer sef…

Your reward??


Blogging philosophy:

Wonderful World of Worthy Writers!

“Visit. Comment. (sincerely comment) Read. Read. Read. And Then Read some more.”

Then comment some more.

Rinse and repeat.

Then the folks will come.

Works ever’ time.

And… it’s good for the soul.

Good for Our Community of Souls, some lost, some found, and all manner of in between, but there are no more appreciative for time spent than writers / bloggers. 

So, therefore, Give a Little of Yourself to your lost and found, and searching fellow souls.

The Divine Miss ‘M’

(We love her)

Thank You for your visit and for your time.

Comments are magical