I am not “Obelisk” to YOU

Just a stolen Facebork Post Of Mine I thought I’d SHARE:

“Since obelisks/ monoliths seem to be popping up all over the place, I thought I’d post this for hysterical reference:

(See comment section for a link to JUST ONE Article if you have not been keeping up with Current Events–LMAO!)

This Breaking News Brought to you by LNN: Lance News Network.

You’re welcome. Don’t mention it. My pleasure. (And my job)”

And Never Forget The Egyptians; They “Invented” The Obelisk Thang. They must have been ahead, (or behind) their time. I never understood how that worked.

That Whole ‘Time Thing.’

I should go back and try to re-read that Stephen Hawking book. Naw! That book was boring. The guy didn’t get the girl and everyone dies in the end. No! Wait! That’s Hamlet. Fuck it. Both were boring.

(Image pasted below)

“Why are the Bangle Girls so sexy?”

“Becuz yer old.”

“Oh yeah. There’s that.”

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