Bobble-Headed Mother Focker, Racist Piece-of-Shit, Hypocrite—Stupid is as stupid does. How is this Asshole Still walking about with a fucking job? Who is paying him?

Puke IN My Mouth. Please And Thank You. Every Time I see this moron, I get this sudden urge to throw up in my mouth. Is this not the dumbest, ‘stupied-in cest’ Mother-Fucker in the history of stupid mother-fuckers on Television? Fairy Certain that answer would be ‘Yes.’ A Resounding ‘Yes’.

There are only three people still watching this idiot. I am one of them.

Why? Because I love the comedy of the inane insane.

And it is free/cheap.

It only costs me a few brain cells.

Which I can regenerate.


Vid Creds: John Ward

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